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San Juan Capistrano Maternity Session [Kelli & Chris] / Orange County Maternity Photographer

You may remember this beautiful couple from their Engagement Photos a couple of years back. They have since gotten married, honeymooned, bought a house and are now expecting their first baby in May!

Kelli and I have been friends for 17 years. We have gone through all of life’s biggest moments together and we share incredible memories. However, nothing compares to the pure joy (and the trials) of motherhood and I am most excited about sharing this journey with her. Watching your dear friend prepare for the most incredible time in her life is extraordinarily special and I have been blessed to see the excitement and anticipation she and Chris have. I cannot wait to finally meet Sierra and for her mommy and daddy to be filled with so much love that they think they might burst! This little girl already brings so much happiness to the world and it’s amazing to think that the best is yet to come.

On a personal note, I am also so very excited that Chase and I’s baby girl will be born a couple of months after Sierra and that these two will be 2nd generation best friends! Life is sweet.

Love you, Gray Family! Not too much longer now. XO

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Riley Wilderness Park Engagement Session [Jessica & Billy] / Orange County Engagement Photographer

I’ll start off by saying, I have the best couples! I know everyone always says that but I really, really do. Jessica and Billy are the perfect example of that.

Jessica is not only obviously beautiful, but also kind, compassionate, easy-going and most importantly just a really good person. Oh…and she’s a CPA so she’s also really smart! Billy is genuine, sweet, funny, good-natured and has THE BEST SMILE ever (three-tier!). Plus, when I asked how they met and they simply said “Fireball” with no follow-up explanation, I knew I loved them. 😉

I had such a blast photographing these two! Not only were they a beautiful couple dressed to the nines, super-in-love and happy but I also just felt so comfortable with them. Just like old friends. I couldn’t love this couple more and I know that their Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding is going to be just as special as they are.

Enjoy! XO

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Coto de Caza Family Session [The Scrimgers] / Orange County Family Photographer

I had such a great time meeting this awesome family of five! They are such an incredibly nice, laid-back and loving family. Plus, I already knew we would hit it off when we both pulled up in our super cool mini-vans 😉 When I saw these three precious little girls pile out of the van, I was positive this session would be filled with cute…and that it was!

From the yummy morning light to Skylar’s sweetness, Sydney’s spunk and baby Piper’s irresistible newness I just couldn’t have asked for more. Definitely a favorite!

During my busiest time of year, families like this make me step back, look around and really appreciate what I get to do. Enjoy your photos, Scrimger Family and Happy Holidays!




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At-Home Mother and Son Session [Bonnie & Samuel] / San Clemente Baby Photographer

I was so fortunate to photograph my sweet friend Bonnie and her beautiful son, Samuel. Bonnie wanted to document this special time in her life with her baby boy so while Sammy’s Daddy was at work, we focused in on Mother and Son and the bond that they share. I just love At-Home Sessions for this very reason- they are so intimate and allow for the authenticity of a relationship to truly shine through.

Bonnie and I have been friends through working our way through college as servers at the same close-knit family restaurant (Iva Lee’s), to navigating around our often confusing but always fun early 20’s, there were some rough life moments in between and always the best of times when we were roommates in our previous single lives ;-). I have to say though, nothing has been more meaningful then watching Bonnie become a mother. All who know her, know that this is what she was meant to do but seeing it come to life has been an honor.

Bonnie and her husband, Erik love to travel. They both have even lived abroad in various countries for various amounts of time. It’s only natural that they would make their son’s nursery travel themed. From the gorgeous globe, to the bright-colored tapestries and the unique framed art work, this nursery is such a dream. So well done and so them.

Samuel has the brightest blue eyes, the most squeezable chubby cheeks, the cutest “I’m teething” drool running down his perfect little double-chin, but what I love most about these images is the love that you feel radiating from this pair. There is nothing as intoxicating then a Mother’s love for her child. As we are reminded all too often, these moments are fleeting. I’m so happy that Bonnie will have these memories to keep with her always.




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2014 Holiday Mini Session [Trette Family] / San Juan Capistrano Family Photographer

Meet the awesome Trette Family! I had such a blast cruising around Downtown San Juan Capistrano with them! Mila is SUCH a cutie! I know I have a daughter of my own already, and she’s just about Mila’s age but is it selfish of me to want her as well? 😉

I aim to sort-of freeze frame time for all of my clients so that they can always remember the feeling of what it was like during this time in their lives. Just like any toddler, Mila wanted to roam and I love that this session has so many of those special fleeting moments that really capture her true essence and allow her mommy and daddy to always remember Mila as she is now.

Making this session even more special is the fact that this family of three will become a family of four next year! An amazing time in their lives for sure. And I can not wait to see what this new little babe looks like, I know he or she will be gorgeous just like big sissy.

Enjoy! XO

P.S. These awesome parents own the beautiful facility Training Camp Hot Yoga (TCHY) in San Juan Capistrano and if you want to look buff (or just take some time for you), I highly recommend one of their hot yoga or boot camp classes!

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