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San Clemente At-Home Newborn Session [The Roberts Family] / Orange County Newborn Photographer

That feeling when you first enter into a home that just welcomed their new baby never gets old.

It’s sacred, quietly exciting, nurturing, it’s shhh-ing and swaying, deciphering cues and searching for binkies, baby sighs and baby hiccups, it’s a glazed over look of love and a long yawn that questions if you’ll ever sleep through the night again. It’s witnessing a couple turn into a family or a family of three turning into a family of four. It’s documenting those strong bonds being built before your eyes. I adore At-Home Newborn Sessions for this very reason. It’s a time-capsule of this present moment.

Baby Carson is one lucky little man, just look at all of this love surrounding him. Daddy, Mommy and Big Brother, Brock were the sweetest with him and so in love! The way Brock looked at his baby brother truly melted my heart! He is the best big brother already and they are going to be the perfect team! Daddy is a firefighter and it was so special to get to incorporate that into their photos. Crazy to think that these boys will be big enough to wear Daddy’s gear one day. But for noe, it’s all about this moment in time with this new family of four.

Congratulations, Roberts Family! I am SO happy for you. Enjoy XO



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San Juan Capistrano Maternity Session [Andrew + Andrea] / Orange County Maternity Photographer

You might remember Andrew and Andrea from their wedding I photographed back in 2014. They were geniunley one of the sweetest couples I ever had the pleasure of meeting and their love for each other and the importance of family was so apparent. Fast forward three years and look at them now! It only makes sense that these two are embarking on creating their own little family.

There’s nothing quite like that space in time of expecting your FIRST baby to be born! All of the anticipation. Of wondering what he or she will look like (they are waiting to find out the gender!), all of those little kicks reminding you that your baby is safe in there, the exciting doctor visits to see those kicks via ultrasound, planning the nursery and the nesting, picking out itty bitty clothes, marveling at the fact that your baby is the size of a grain of rice and then slowly but surely it becomes the size of a melon, that melon catching up to you and feeling like you don’t have an inch to spare in that new body of yours. Until the moment you are so beyond eager to meet your baby that you are on the verge of breaking down in tears if God forbid the baby goes over it’s due date (just me?) 😉

Andrew and Andrea, I’m SO thrilled for you both! And I cannot wait to find out if “it’s” a baby boy or a baby girl! Regardless of what your sweet baby turns out to be, I do know one thing for sure. You two are in for your whole entire life to change in an instant, for your whole entire hearts to burst in an instant, to know in an instant that you are forever blessed by this miracle. And to understand in an instant that now life has truly begun.

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Bergen!

How adorable are those tippy toes?!

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San Juan Capistrano Mini-Session [Mother’s Day] / Orange County Family Photographer

With Mother’s Day this weekend, I just had to share this sweet session of Kelli, her daughter Sierra and Kelli’s Mom, Sue. I love these three SO much!

Kelli and I have been best friends for 20 years and growing along with her has been one of my life’s biggest joys. We spent basically every awake moment of high-school together, before school and after school. We had this special notebook that we would write to each other in and we would pass it back and forth all day long. This is how we communicated in the 90’s people! Remember? No iPhones, no Texting, no Snaps- straight UP folded notes and our special notebook. Oh, if that notebook could talk. Oh, the stories. The memories. The inside jokes that were made back then that have us in tears even now. I don’t know how I would’ve done life without her and truly don’t know how I would do it now. This bond forever ingrained in me with this beautiful MOM is one I cherish more than words. Through high-school, heart break, parties, trying to make sense of it all (mostly me), to frantic calls asking if I should be on the 5 South or 5 North if I’m headed to San Diego, to college and graduation and starting to make sense of this life, building careers and getting engaged and all of the fun events that followed and going through marriage and being pregnant together and raising babies. I’ve always been able to rely on Kelli for her presence when I’ve needed her most, for the love she’s always shown, for the bluntness that I need, for being my confidant and my cheerleader, for being real and for always being a true friend. And for pushing me to go on an all girls trip last Summer to NYC when it was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Friendships like these are priceless and one of life’s biggest blessings.

So, it was such an amazing day when I got to photograph this group! Sue is such an awesome Mom and Grandma. Truly one of the best I’ve ever known. I love watching the relationship between Kelli and her Mom and Sierra and her Grandma. This is what love looks like. And what’s so great is that her kids will say the same thing. They love and appreciate their Mom so much.  She would do anything for her family. And I’ve been lucky enough to have her in my life as a HUGE support as well. She’s been there for me during life’s hard moments and she stayed right there. Anyone who knows Sue knows what a huge heart she has and to be able to witness her loving on her grand babies is precious!

And life continues to bless this family; check out these photos to see how!!

Happy Mother’s Day Kelli & Sue! So glad you have these memories to hold.


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Laguna Beach At-Home Session [Lewis Family] / Orange County Family Photographer

I absolutely adore everything about this beautiful At-Home Newborn Session. From the unique sea-life mobile to that gorgeous ottoman and everything else in between, this coastal nursery had me ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing! Love is in the details and the love for this sweet baby boy shows itself so well.

When the Lewis Family contacted me on Instagram, I was so excited because they really wanted to document this space in time with their baby and you know that’s what I’m all about. Being in your home during the most sacred time in your life and having that captured to hold dear forever is so incredible and such an honor. As a mommy of two myself, I know how fleeting these moments are and how important they are in your history. I strive to not only present beautiful images of your baby, but to also remind you of life as it is now so that you’ll remember it for years to come.

So here is a piece of the Lewis family’s history. This is ten days old.

It’s laying in bed with your first baby. Not sleeping, of course. But soaking in the newness of it all. Of wondering for nine months what it will be like and then that rush of finally knowing. Finally feeling your baby next to you.

It’s smelling him, kissing him, staring at him.

It’s praying that you can keep him safe from all things bad and doing everything in your power to keep him content.

It’s realizing that life will never be the same. That there will be many sacrifices and all at once realizing that it truly is all worth it.

This is ten days old.

Congratulations to this sweet, sweet family.


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Mother’s Day Mini-Sessions / Jessica Holley Photography

*2017 Mother’s Day Mini-Sessions Have Arrived*

I’m so excited that I’m doing these this year and hope to see some familiar faces and some new faces as well!

I’m most excited because as Moms, we’re always behind the camera. We’re always thinking about capturing moments of our kids and our kids with their Daddy- but what about us? Am I right?! It’s so important to hold onto these precious times with our children and to share with them the memories of YOU!

These Mother’s Day Minis are not only special for us Moms- they’re also priceless for Grandma’s and Great-Grandmas; a chance to get generations together and finally have that family photograph. How amazing is that for your kiddos to have to look back on when they’re older? To see if Great-grandma looks like them. To have those heirlooms displayed in your home or family album.

Every. Single. Time. I take a generational family photo, Grandma cries. Happy tears. What better Mother’s Day present to give than that Joy!



949.292.4535 or


2017 Mother’s Day Mini-Sessions are $250 and includes:

-30 minute session for up to 5 people

–Includes all high-resolution images

-Professionally and creatively edited

-Online gallery for viewing & sharing images

-Access to my lab for professional image printing

Space is limited. Please contact me to reserve your date and time.

*Sessions may be booked back-to-back for larger groups.

*Session may be used for any type of Lifestyle shoot.

Saturday, April 22nd at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano:

  • 2:45-3:15pm BOOKED
  • 3:30-4:00pm BOOKED
  • 4:15-4:45pm BOOKED

Sunday, April 23rd at San Juan Capistrano Flower Fields:

  • 4:15-4:45pm BOOKED
  • 5:00-5:30pm BOOKED
  • 5:45-6:15pm BOOKED
  • 6:30-7:00pm BOOKED

***Please add an additional $35 for any session booked at The Mission (per SJC Mission Policy)***



  • To book your session, contact Jessica at 949.292.4535 or
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early as sessions are booked back-to-back.
  • Session may be used for any type of Lifestyle session.
  • Please add an additional $25 per person for any session over 5 people.
  • All sessions must be paid in full and have signed contract to book your date and time.

I look forward to capturing your family’s love!

XO, Jessica

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