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San Clemente Graduation Portraits [Tatum] / Orange County Photographer

High School graduation is such an important milestone in life and I was so excited when Tatum’s Mom contacted me to photograph her daughter’s senior portraits! Tatum will be graduating this year from San Clemente High School and so it was only fitting that her portraits take place with the San Clemente Pier as the backdrop. These two were the sweetest mother and daughter duo! I could see how proud Tatum’s Mom was of her and the beauty that shined on both the outside and the inside of Tatum was so special to witness. The perfect moment in time. It was a rainy and stormy day but we just rearranged the time a bit and went to work! I love the unique light and the beautiful skies that happen during those stormy, cloudy days and they make for some of the best photographs. Not the mention that beautiful wind-blown hair that comes as a result- no fan needed!

It was particularly special for me shooting these senior portraits as I am an alumni of San Clemente High School (go Tritons!). And although it does not feel like I was graduating from SCHS  that long ago, now I’m an actual “grown up” with a husband and two kiddos! It’s so important to document all of life’s milestones. Time flies but these fleeting moments captured in images take us back and remind us of where we’ve been and where we’re going. They remind us of a time that dosent seem like too long ago and at the same time, feels like a million years away. They teleport us back to life’s most precious spaces in time.

Enjoy the photos, Tatum and Kim! I hope you cherish them for years to come. Congratulations! 

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