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Holiday Mini-Session [May Family] / San Clemente Family Photographer

It’s always fun when I get to photograph my own family and this session was no exception! My husband and his brother, Eric are freakishly into each other 😉  No, but really, they are best friends and so we all get to spend a ton of time together. Which works out great for me because Eric’s wife, Sara is one of my closest friends. Even better is the fact that we were both pregnant at the same exact time last year. Our babies were born just 7 days apart! It was so cool experiencing our pregnancies together and so fun now to have baby cousins that close in age.

After I was through with their family photos we thought we’d get a shot of all three kiddos, Levi, Colton and my daughter, Sadie but as you will see…that wasn’t happening! Although I do love how funny the shots turned out. And, all the noises and jumping my husband Chase, Eric and Sara did while I was trying to get the shot kind of made it all worth it 😉  In the end, Colton and Sadie tolerated a little more of their paparazzi Aunt/Mommy.

Love this family and all of our babies so much. I’m excited to see these kiddos grow together (although not too fast, I hope). They are so lucky to have each other.

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