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Cozy At-Home Newborn & Family Session / Orange County Newborn Photographer

You may remember Gary & Carli from their maternity session last month. And my, how much can change in one month’s time. Baby Ryland is here and life will never be the same. The countless baby items that fill the house, the sleepless nights, the trying to figure it all out and mostly, the intense love that brings you to tears.

It’s a time that new parents will treasure forever. I love going to my client’s home for that reason. To shoot in exactly the place where it’s all happening. And as time inevitably passes by much too quickly, a little glimpse is captured to spark those emotions forever.

Congratulations, Gary & Carli. Your little man is perfect. The baby items will be stored away, he will sleep through the night and you will use Google much less often but that love will bring you to tears for the rest of your life.

Enjoy! XO, Jessica

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