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Always The Photographer, never The Bride…

Whew! The wedding craziness is over! After 14 months of planning, stressing, searching, DIY’ing, Pinning, plotting, baking, bridal & bachelorette partying…October 20th, 2012 finally came.

It was the most surreal, out-of-body, beautiful, romantic, funniest, craziest, rainiest, most exciting and LOVE- FILLED day! I married the man of my dreams. The one who vowed to love, support and fight for me. The man who calls me his best friend, his one true love and his teammate. I walked down that aisle and stared into the tear-filled eyes of the man I was about to call my husband and at that moment felt the biggest, most intense feeling of what real love is, what commitment means. He knocked the wind out of me with that look and my world will never be the same. That man. The one.

My advice to you soon-to-be’s?

-Enjoy every minute.

  • Planning is overwhelming. There are days you don’t know how it will all come together, there are the wedding nightmares, the never-ending decisions, the late-night freakouts over music selections “Honey, pleeeeease! Just pick the dinner hour music! Please?? I’ve been making our table numbers all day and my brain literally stopped working!!” (or is that just me?) ;-). The point is, when it’s over- it’s over. The only things lasting are the photos and your new family relationship with your husband. So don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy every minute of the process!

-If it rains, ask for snow.

  • Nothing in life is a guarantee, right? Definitely not the weather. So, when you book a beautiful rooftop venue with no indoor space option in Southern California during the month of October because “It never rains in October in San Clemente”…be prepared for the storm. Not only did it “rain” during October in San Clemente on our beautiful rooftop venue with no indoor space option…it POURED! You know what we did? We asked for snow! Snowing in Southern California apparantly wasnt going to happen, but we sure got all the rain we could handle. Those table numbers I worked so hard on? Ya know, the ones from Pinterest with the year and a photo of the Bride and Groom during that year? Drenched. Those cute lil’ Pinterest apple pie pops? Drenched. The makeup that started at 7:30am? Ran straight down my face and onto the very dress I spent 14 months obsessing over. If it rains, ask for snow. And while you’re at it- grab a drink and get on the dance floor!
-Let it go.
  • As my new Mother-in-law always says, “It is what it is”. And…it is. You spent many countless hours planning, organizing, decision-making, crafting, and hoping for the most beautiful, perfect day. When that day arrives, let it go. It is what it is. Whatever happens from the time you wake up on your wedding day until the time you pass out in your rain-soaked wedding gown (again…is that just me?), it is no longer in your control. That’s why you hired all those vendors, right? You trust that they are professionals and that they know what they’re doing, right? (Shake your head “yes” now 😉 ). The truth is, your wedding will be beautiful whatever happens to happen. You are marrying your best friend, your one true love, your teammate. That man. The one. So, soak it all in (literally, if you’re me!) , breathe, take a look around at all your friends and family who are celebrating this love that you built. Stare into your husband’s eyes and appreciate this most beautiful day. Let it go. It is what it is.
On a personal note, thank you to our wonderful friends and family. Without you, our wedding would not have been possible. You baked, schemed, set-up, tore-down and danced in the rain with us. We love you.
For my lovely clients who asked for my wedding photos, here ya go! A little behind the scenes action stolen from friend’s Instagrams and Facebooks! Can’t wait to see our professional photos and relive the most special day.
Happy Planning!
XOXO, Jessica

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