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Laguna Beach Engagement Session [Veronica & Kepp] / Laguna Beach Engagement Photographer

Let me introduce you to The. Cutest. Couple. Ever. : Veronica & Kepp!

I met these two a few years back when I shot Kepp’s surprise 30th birthday party thrown by his then girlfriend, Veronica. The party was SO much fun and Kepp was blown away! It was held at the beautiful French 75 in Laguna Beach and was a 1920’s themed dress-up party. Kepp’s closest family and friends were all there decked with zoot suits, cigars and strings of pearls. I remember thinking “Wow, Veronica is the coolest girlfriend ever. This guy better put a ring on it!” 😉 And put a ring on it he did! Veronica and Kepp are getting married next year in San Francisco where Kepp proposed and I could not be happier for them! They are truly the sweetest couple, CRAZY in love and a ton of fun to be around.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of documenting your very special love. It was such a joy- shoots like this are what make me realize how very lucky I am.

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